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If you are an immigrant looking for employment in Canada, AJTS Global We can help you find a job and navigate the immigration process!

We are primarily looking for foreign workers in the following areas:


  • Food-service industry (Cooks, Supervisors, Managers)
  • Autobody
  • Customer service and hospitality
  • Auto Mechanics
  • Construction, General Labour, & Trades (Drywall, Roofers, Concrete Finishers, Painters, Carpenters)
  • Agriculture
  • Trucking Services (Supervisors & Drivers)
  • Caregivers
  • Welding & Industrial Services
  • Manufacturers
  • Hair Salons

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Temporary Foreign Workers

Are you a foreign worker who is already in Canada?  We can help you locate the appropriate job!  Please contact our knowledgeable immigration advisers right away!


International Workers

Do you want to relocate to Canada? Bright Path has years of expertise navigating the Canadian immigration process! Please contact us!